Amazing style and awe-inspiring quality is in our DNA. We are obsessed with bringing you products that are hand-crafted, clean, modern style and tell a story!

  • Andorastyle Handbags are 100% leather, handmade with 14k gold hardware.

  • PORTOMEA's fine glass jewelry is designed and produced in the USA. Each piece is made with hundreds and thousands of precision-cut micro beads, stitched together by hand, one glass bit at a time.

  • Smart Glass is made from recycled soda, beer, sake, vodka bottles.

    Drink it Wear it

  • Potting Shed's Garden-in-a-bag is the perfect way to grow organic herbs and flowers in a windowsill or any sunny spot indoors year-round.

  • Kittykardboard is designed as a smart,flat-packed and easy to assemble pyramid shaped cat box in a range of stylish and refreshing prints.

  • RBA Design is about Fine Art, Handcrafted Mirrors and Sculpture that is functional and has meaning.

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